SuperCleaner 2.96

Powerful system tool that allows you to deeply clean your disks
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SuperCleaner is a highly powerful system tool that allows you to clean your system in several different ways and areas. It is a very lightweight software tool, easy to install and run, and very intuitive, which works through a very simple 5-item menu that lets you choose what portion of your system you want to treat.

This amazing tool quickly scans your system for unnecessary files that would otherwise be occupying too much space in your disk, like undeleted temporary files or old log files. All of this is done in the so-called Garbage Finder section. It also allows you to deeply clean your Internet cache and history (it supports all the most popular browsers), helping you to protect your privacy and keeping your information secure. It allows you to even browse the contents of your index.dat files, letting you know what your entire Internet surfing history contains!!

It also comes with an "Auto Clean" section that allows you to set up several options in order to clean your system automatically every time you run the program. Besides, you can also schedule automatic cleanings, which will be executed at specific dates and times.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight tool
  • Very easy to use
  • Internet cache and history cleaner
  • System.dat browser
  • Automatic cleanings can be scheduled


  • 30-days trial
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